Is Uniqlo Copying Lululemon?

If you look at their products, it seems UNIQLO is going the Yoga fashion direction. If you know Lululemon, there seems like some major copying is happening, at a much lower price point… is it just the way fashion trends work?

The Japanese Imperial Algae Farm

As temperatures have warmed for the spring the last couple years, there’s been a noticeable increase in algae growing around the Imperial Palace in its moats. You wonder, is the Imperial Family starting an Imperial Algae Farm?

Any pond or body of water with no incoming and outflowijg water will stagnant. With today’s technology, this is an easy fix.

Get some waterproof bubble machines that aerate and drop them in several places around the moats. The lithium ion batteries will keep them going for months. At season’s end, just grab the floating buoys and pull them out.

Pretty unsightly if this is not fixed.